Green Fire Eco Firelighters & KlipBak

Green Fire Eco Firelighters

The unique properties of our green firelighter is lack of odour, non toxic, being readily biodegradable are sought after for environmentally conscious people.

We added a dash of fun with the bright colours ready for any occasion. The container is one of the key features because it seals tightly and can be stored any place.

Our firelighter must reach a certain temperature before it will ignite. Because it has a wax base it can be stored without the fear of loosing its ability to ignite. It burns warmer and thus the reason to use less of our unique product.

To give a practical corporate gift is one of the best ways of sending a message to anyone. It is the best way of creating a conversation on a social basis in a relaxed environment about your product or service. This is also a innovative way to upsell to your clients.

Our Products

Green Fire
Eco Firelighters

Experience the perfect blend of safety and sustainability with Green Fire Eco Firelighter. Our wax-based, child-safe, and non-toxic formula ensures an always burnable, clean-burning flame that leaves no harmful residues behind. Witness the beauty of a vibrant and visible flame while knowing that our bio-degradable solution is gentle on the environment.

Green Fire

Experience the KlipBak difference - serving warm, succulent braai meat has never been easier! Simply remove hot charcoal from the braai as your meat nears perfection, spread it evenly on the KlipBak, and place your braai casserole directly over it. Enjoy the pleasure of warm, mouthwatering braai meat throughout your entire meal. Elevate your braai game now.

Green Fire
Braai Rakkie

Elevate your braai experience with our Braai Rakkie, a compact package designed to enhance every braai session. Featuring a perfect combination of firelighters, spices, and a lighter, it's the ultimate all-in-one solution for your braai needs. Whether for personal use, gifting, or corporate occasions, the Braai Rakkie is a convenient and stylish companion around the braai.

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